Was Peter Obi Awarded By Bill and Melinda Foundation in 2013 For Eradication Of Polio In the Southeast?

By Mustapha Lawal 

Peter Obi was awarded by Bill and Melinda Gate foundation as Governor in 2013. Peter Obi was awarded by Bill and Melinda Gate foundation as Governor in 2013 for eradicating Polio in the southeast.

Obi was awarded best governor in health sector for his effort in eradicating polio in south eastern part of the country.

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The presidential candidate of Labour party, Peter Obi claimed that he was awarded best Governor in Health care in Nigeria by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2013.

He made this claim on Sunday at the presidential town hall series organised by Arise Television ahead of the forthcoming 2023 General election.

The claim has sparked heated debate among supporters of different presidential candidates on various social media platforms.

A search by FactCheckElections revealed a news report by channelstv.com in 2009 titled “Polio Eradication: Bill Gates’ Foundation Names Obi Best Governor In Nigeria”.

The then minister of state for health, Mohammed Pate presented the award which went with a cash prize of N120 million at a ceremony at the Women’s Development Centre in Awka. He said the award was not by chance as the governor had distinguished himself in the health sector and noting that the state had remained polio-free in the past five years.

Further checks according to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation official website revealed that the foundation has established a $1 million award to be given in the field of global health.

The Gates Award for Global Health is presented annually to an organization that has made an extraordinary contribution to the improvement of health around the globe.The award is to highlight the important work being carried out around the world to reduce the health gap between the rich and the poor.”

FactCheckElections can conclude that Peter Obi was awarded best performing governor on the eradictaion of Polio in the southeast from Bill and Melinda foundation in 2013.


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