NEWS  RELEASE: FactCheck Elections Website Targeted in Another Cyberattack

August 2, 2022

Kwara State – FactCheck Elections, A growing  independent fact-checking organization in Nigeria, announced today August 2nd, that it has experienced another attempted cyberattack on its website, barely two months after the first attack. The attack was detected and neutralized by the organization’s team of tech experts, who are working to ensure that the integrity of the website is not compromised.

The cyberattack was aimed at compromising the security of the website and its content, and it appears to be the work of the same malicious actors who launched the first attack. The motive for the attack is still unknown, but the organization suspects that it was aimed at undermining the credibility of the information published on the website, which is widely known for its accurate and impartial fact-checking of political campaigns and elections.

In a statement issued today, the Executive Director of FactCheck Elections, Mr. Abideen Olasupo, said: “We are deeply concerned about this latest attempted cyberattack on our website, which is yet another reminder of the growing threat of cybercrime. We take this issue very seriously, and we are doing everything in our power to protect our website and our users from further attacks. Our mission is to provide accurate and impartial information to the public, and we will not be deterred from fulfilling this mission, despite attempts by malicious actors to disrupt our work.”

The organization has also taken additional security measures to prevent any further attacks on its website. “We are confident that these measures will ensure that our website remains secure and that our work can continue uninterrupted.”

The attempted cyberattack on the FactCheck Elections website highlights the growing threat of cybercrime and the need for organizations to take proactive steps to protect their online presence.

“Cybersecurity is a critical issue for all organizations that provide essential services to the public, and we urge other organizations to take this issue seriously and to invest in the necessary security measures to protect their online presence,” saidMr. Olasupo. “ FactCheck Elections remains committed to its mission of providing accurate and impartial information to the public, and the organization is confident that its website remains secure and its work can continue uninterrupted.

About FactCheck Elections

FactCheck Elections is the leading independent fact-checking organization in Nigeria The organization is dedicated to providing accurate and impartial information on political campaigns and elections, and to promoting transparency and accountability in the political process. FactCheck Elections is widely recognized for its high-quality work and its commitment to promoting public trust in democratic institutions.


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Executive Director, FactCheck Elections


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