INEC Denies Circulating Video on Knowing Polling Unit Address Via Text

Oluwaseye Ogunsanya


A video showing voters steps on how to to know their polling unit address via text message circulates online.


The claim is false. It is not from INEC.

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A video showing voters steps on how to to know their polling unit address via text message circulates online. It asked voters who do not know their polling unit address to text the 9 digit code number PVC/INEC registration slip (for those who are yet to get their PVC) to 8014.

The video which has been circulating on Facebook was posted on December 14, 2022 by the Rivers state chapter of the Labour Party on Facebook here. It has been viewed 266 times with 9 shares and 21 likes.

Similarly, on Monday by a page PETER OBI: The Right Man For The Job here. It has been viewed 11 times with 1 share and 2 likes.

It was also reposted today here by the Rivers state chapter of the Labour Party but this time, Hilda Dokubo, an actress was seen encouraging voters to follow the outlined steps for knowing their polling units in the video. The video has been viewed 155 times with 18 shares and 23 likes.

The same video was also posted on Twitter by Comrade Phils @comradephils here. It has garnered over 9k views, over 1k likes and 813 retweets.

The claim has been circulating heavily on Twitter under the topic know your polling unit here.

The video was also posted on YouTube here on January 3, 2023 by YES PETER OBI SUPPORT GROUP (YESPOSG). It has just 12 views so far.


FactCheckElections checked INEC website and their social media pages but the video could not be found on any of their platforms.

We also asked some persons to try the steps in the video out while the majority of persons contacted did not get a reply, just a handful of persons said they got it.

The Information is Not From INEC

In our bid to check the veracity of this claim, we contacted an INEC official in Lagos and her reply was that the information is not from INEC. She added that voters can get their polling unit by checking voter registration status on the INEC website.

We also put a call through to the Citizens Contact Center (ICCC) to verify whether the claim is true or not. The contact center said it’s not from INEC also.

INEC Simplifies Collection Of PVC At Ward Level

The electoral commission posted on it’s Twitter page on Friday that registered voters can get their PVC by texting only the name of their states, LGA and Ward to 09062830860 or 09062830861 to get the address of their PVC collection center.

How To Know Your Polling Unit

You can locate your polling unit by using the Polling Unit Locator Tool on INEC website. You can follow the steps below to view your polling unit;

Step-1 : Go to the link

Step-2 : Select State (This is the state you would be voting in)

Step-3 : Select LGA (This is the LGA in which you live)

Step-4 : Select Ward

Step-5 : Click “Search”


FactCheckElections can conclude that the video is not from INEC even though it is working as claimed by few persons contacted. Any other information as regards PVC collection or polling units not emanating from INEC should be disregarded by the public.

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