FactCheckElections Faces Another Cyber Attack: Hacker Attempted Wiping Off Data Base

January 20, 2023

Kwara State- FactCheck Elections, the independent fact-checking organization, has announced that its website has suffered another cyberattack, just months months after the initial attack. The organization’s team of experts quickly detected the attack and took swift action to mitigate its impact, ensuring the website’s continued operation.

The most recent attack appears to be the work of the same perpetrators who attacked the website four months ago trying to wipe off content on the website while the site is going through some upgrade on the themes and other features. The organization has indicated that the motive for the attack remains unknown.

The organization is taking additional security measures to protect its website, its content, and its users. FactCheck Elections has launched an investigation into the attack.

FactCheck Elections is a critical resource for the public, providing impartial and factual information about political campaigns and elections. The organization’s website is a trusted source of information for millions of people, and any attempts to compromise its integrity are unacceptable.

The organization remains committed to its mission of providing accurate and impartial information to the public, and it will continue to take all necessary steps to protect its website and ensure the integrity of its content.

In conclusion, the organization urges all organizations to review their security protocols and take necessary steps to protect their online presence from cyberattacks. FactCheck Elections also calls on policymakers and governments to address the growing threat of cybercrime and ensure the public’s trust in the information they receive online.


Abideen Olasupo

Executive Director, FactCheck Elections


+234 706 877 5529

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