Did Adeboye Lead A March Against Jonathan In 2014?

Oluwaseye Ogunsanya 


A Twitter user BIBI Baby Boy @escobless claimed in a tweet that the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye led a march against former president, Goodluck Jonathan in 2014.


Misleading! Pastor Adeboye did not lead a march against Jonathan in 2014 instead it was against Buhari’s administration in 2020. 

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A Twitter user BIBI Baby Boy @escobless claimed in a tweet that the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor E.A. Adeboye led a  march against former president, Goodluck Jonathan in 2014.

He went further to add that the march was staged because “they wanted Buhari with the hope that Osinbajo will take over in 2023.” 

“Four days to the polls with one viable Christian on the ballot named Peter Obi they’re suddenly quiet. Pastor Paul Adefarasin is telling us to vote Saul. Frauds!!” He added.

His tweet which was accompanied by a photo of Pastor Adeboye carrying a placard has so far garnered 3,086 retweets, 266 quote tweets and 6,683 likes.


Adefarasin Comes Under Serious Criticism For His Parable on Saul and David 

As Nigerians head to the polls in just three days from now to vote for a new president who will steer the affairs of the nation for the next four years. Opinions have been divided among the Christian community on the choice of who to vote for as many pastors have declared their support for Labour Party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi. 

But the senior pastor of House on the Rock, Paul Adefarasin has come under serious attack over a sermon in relation to the forthcoming election.

In a viral video, Adefarasin is seen telling his members that the elections might not go as they expect.

While giving a parable, he said “Saul will come before David”, but encouraged the people to pray for a peaceful transition of power.

“Here is the parable. Saul came before David; David did not come before Saul. Saul will come, and David will come after,” he said.

“And hold it for a moment, Saul was not all that bad. He didn’t start out bad. He actually started out as a prophet and he did a lot of good, because he had half a heart. David had a whole heart, and it was necessary that he come after.”

Adefarasin’s parable was greeted by varied reactions across social media platforms with many inferring that he’s against Peter Obi candidacy. 

But in a followup statement released on Tuesday, Adefarasin said God gave him the parable, adding that he does not know the meaning. 


The statement reads in part: “I really believe that it will happen, and I wish that you could see what I see – the hope that the parable of Saul and David brings – the after-victory. I understand that there are varying interpretations of the parable of Saul and David, and that is fine.

“However, remember that the giver of the parable is the One that can give meaning to it. God gave me that parable and even as I released it, I have continued to search for it’s applicable meaning to the present Nigerian circumstances.

“I feel blessed to have your ear, however, I will ask that you listen deeply for understanding, so that you do not miss the message.

“Saul, instead of trusting in God, tried to manipulate things and even discountenanced his mentor, Samuel. David on the other hand stumbled, but never stuttered, he was delayed but not too late.

“So, whether Saul represents our past or our present, only God knows. Whether David represents the future or now, I can’t tell. In any case, the ‘wise’ will wait for the election period to play itself out, before concluding or judging the messenger.”


Did Pastor Adeboye Lead A March Against Jonathan In 2014?

FactCheckElections did a Google search to find out if Adeboye indeed led a march against Jonathan in 2014 but we found something slightly related — it was a report by Vanguard News dated October 11, 2010, with the headline ‘Kidnapping: RCCG petitions Jonathan…to stage one million-man protest

According to the report, the church started a nationwide collection of signatures of its members that would participate in a planned one million-man protest rally against the spate of insecurity in Nigeria as at that time. 

The move was initiated by Pastor Adeboye having insisted that it was high time religious organisations raised awareness over the depreciating standard of security in the country.

“we cannot afford to celebrate, clinking glasses and congratulating each other when a horrendous decimation of the most vulnerable is picking up a pace and our stock of human capital heading for the abyss.” He added. 

The report also added that the petition was sent to the then president, Goodluck Jonathan by Pastor Adeboye but from our findings, the one million-man protest did not hold. 

Relatively, upon further checks we found out a news report by PUNCH dated 2nd February 2020 with the headline ‘PHOTOS: Pastor Adeboye, carrying placard, leads protest against insecurity, killings” 

According to the report, the clergyman led millions of his church members on a prayer walk to end the spate of insecurity and killings in Nigeria. He also instructed his church members all over Nigeria to observe the walk.

Similarly the Christian Association of Nigeria had declared a three-day fasting and prayer to strengthen the military forces in their fight against terrorism and insurgent activities in the country.


The claim is misleading, FactCheckElections can confirm that Pastor Adeboye did not lead a protest against Jonathan in 2014 but he however petitioned the former president and initiated a one million-man protest over the insecurity situation in Nigeria but the protest did not hold. On the other hand, the clergyman led a protest in 2020 against insecurity and killings during the Buhari’s administration.

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