#2023Decides: No! Ekiti Result not Uploaded on February 20


Michael Babatunde


A Twitter user NEFERTITI admirer shared an image claiming that the election result for Ekiti state has been published since February, 2020.


FALSE. The said screenshot is not from INEC result portal 

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The Twitter user, NEFERTITI admirer, responded to a tweet alleging that Ekiti state elections result has been uploaded since the 20th day of February. 

The screenshot shows that the result has been uploaded on the INEC Result Server since 2:11 am GMT, Feb 20, five days earlier. 

The spokesperson of the Obi-Datti presidential campaign council, Kenneth Okonkwo, also alleged that the result of the Ekiti state has been uploaded since February 20th. 

“God has started exposing them. Election held 25th Feb, 2023 for a result that was already manufactured by 20th February, 2023. Senseless criminals. This election is chop and quench,” he alleged.

At the time FactcheckElections obtained the screenshot, the tweet had garnered 12.5k views, 96 retweets, 17 quote tweets and 110 likes.


Our checks revealed that the screenshot is not authentic. The presidential and National Assembly elections held on Saturday, 25th February, 2023, five days after the said screenshot shows that the Ekiti state results were uploaded on the INEC Server.

However, the collation centre for Ekiti State opened Sunday, 26th for the counting of votes cast during the previous day elections. While uploading of results from polling units started dropping on the INEC server on Saturday, the Ekiti State returning officer presented the presidential results for the state sunday’s evening. 

We went further to check what the result looks like on the INEC result viewing portal — our analysis shows that the portal gives registered people the access to check the results according to local governments as they are being uploaded in real time and the uploading began on Saturday, 25th and not 20th of February as claimed. 


False. There is no evidence at all that shows that the Ekiti State elections results were uploaded on the 20th of February. 

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