#2023Decides: Claim that Atiku Takes 25% in 25 States is Misleading! 

Mustapha Lawal & Tijani Abdulkabeer 


Policyinsider.Africa claimed that the candidate of the Peoples’ Democratic Party, Abubakar Atiku, is currently leading in 25 states, saying he cleared six states in the south-south region and nineteen in the northern states.


Misleading! INEC is yet to start announcing results at the National Collation Center for the presidential elections. 

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Policy Insider reported that Atiku Abubakar of the PDP takes 25% of votes in 25 states. 

The shared infographics with a ‘Breaking News’ inscription claimed that they got the information from their sources in INEC.  

 “Atiku is currently leading with 25% in 25 states. Out of the 25 states, 6 are in the south south, and 19 in the northern states. Atiku has secured the mandatory 25% in the south and north,” the report claimed. 


Our findings revealed as at press time INEC is yet to announce results from different states for the presidential elections. 

In this same light, many of the state collation centres are still counting votes in their respective states. 

The Chairman of INEC, Mahmood Yakubu, in a briefing earlier noted that the national coalition for the presidential elections would resume by 6PM later today, Sunday 26th. 

As at press time, no more than 30 local government results have been updated on the INEC result portal (IREV) accessed through the validated data of Stears.


Misleading ! There are no official results from INEC that shows that Atiku takes 25% of 25 states. 

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